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We decided to create this section because we love to travel and we know how hard it is sometimes to get simple but useful information. We live here in Bora Bora and Manua is a native Tahitian so we have some useful tips for you! This section will be updated once a month to keep you in touch, but we also have a lot of information on our 

Hey you, welcome to Bora Bora !

When is the best moment to come ?

French Polynesia boasts a tropical climate characterized by two distinct seasons.

From April to December, the dry season prevails with sunny days and gentle breezes, ideal for exploring the pristine beaches and vibrant marine life.

In contrast, from January to March, the wet season brings occasional heavy rainfall, nurturing the lush vegetation that blankets the islands.

Regardless of the season, French Polynesia offers breathtaking natural beauty and endless opportunities for exploration and adventure so it's always the best moment to come to meet us in paradise :)

Bora Bora Photo Portrait
Bora Bora Photo Portrait

Weather in French Polynesia can change in the blink of an eye. One moment, the sun shines brightly and suddenly, dark clouds roll in. But just as quickly as the rain begins, it can cease, leaving behind a refreshed, vibrant landscape. This dynamic weather keeps the islands lush and vibrant, offering a constant dance between sun and rain.

Here are our tips to keep you entertained :

· Enjoy a relaxing moment at the spa with an invigorating local massage or an after-sun treatment for sunburn (we hope you don't need it)

· Let's make a splash despite the rain! Go for snorkeling, and explore our wonderful marine fauna and flora. You will be wet anyway :)

· Appreciate the comfort of your room, reading your favorite book or just savor the beauty of the rain. To have time for yourself is the new luxury !

What do we do if it's raining ?

You have a photo session booked with us but the weather is rainy ?

No worries at all, there is always a solutions !

We are flexible and we can manage to move it when the rain will stop :)

We are able to propose you an inside photoshooting, either inside your bungalow or in a sheltered place of your resort (spa, restaurant, terrace...)

We always keep you informed as soon as we know that the weather won't be in our favor for an outdoor photo session to do it on another day.

Bora Bora Photo Portrait
Bora Bora Photo Portrait

What time of the day should we choose for our photo session ?

Bora Bora couples photo session
Bora Bora couples photo session



Enjoy the freshness and the first rays of sunlight.

Relish intense clarity and vibrant colors.



Caution, during the rainy season, this is the time of day when the weather is most unpredictable.

Capture unforgettable memories with our mythic marine fauna.

Admire the last glimmers in this idyllic atmosphere.

Caution, during the rainy season, this is the time of day when the weather is most unpredictable.

Don't forget your water bottle and your makeup kit for a touch-ups !

We will provide the masks, snorkels, and fins To achieve a harmonious result during the photoshoot !

What should we wear ?

Feel free to rock your favorite outfits or whatever makes you feel most comfortable during the photoshoot. Everybody is a unique beauty ! :)

However, here are some outfit colors ideas if you're up for matching your attire for an even more amazing result!

The light colors as white or cream are stand out nicely.

Proposal photo session at the four seasons
Proposal photo session at the four seasons
Bora Bora couples photo session
Bora Bora couples photo session
Bora Bora couples photo session
Bora Bora couples photo session

I've never posed for a photo session before, and I'm afraid I won't feel comfortable.

Don't worry at all! It's completely normal to feel a bit nervous if it's your first time posing for a photo session. Our approach is all about capturing genuine moments and organic expressions and we'll take it step by step and we'll guide you through the process. The most important thing is to relax and be yourself. We'll make sure you feel comfortable and confident throughout the shoot, and you might even find it more enjoyable than you expected!


Bora Bora Photo Portrait
Bora Bora Photo Portrait
Bora Bora couples photo session
Bora Bora couples photo session

Sublime your day with an add-on that will make all the difference

Crown for her

Nackelace for him

Polaroid for instant memories

Get your bespoke flower crown to add a touch of island elegance to your memorable moments!

For the eager ones, you can rent our Polaroid for instant memories while waiting for your photo delivery. Little keepsakes you can slip into your phone case, wallet, or use as decoration!

Match the flower crown or the necklace of your partner!

Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions!              We're here to help and would be delighted to assist you further!

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We understand that planning a photo shoot can be both exciting and overwhelming, but rest assured, we're here to guide you every step of the way (you can also find a lots of tips in the section “guide” of our website). From selecting the perfect location to choosing the right wardrobe, we'll work closely with you to ensure that every detail is just right.

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